Community Building
In support of Georgia State University’s commitment to student retention and success, the Multicultural Center serves the campus community by developing programs, events and policies that promote intercultural dialogue and intellectual and personal growth.

Education and Training
In support of the academic mission of the university, the Multicultural Center offers practical educational experiences for students both inside and outside the classroom, as well as resources for faculty and staff as they incorporate and address diversity, difference, multiculturalism and cultural competence in their contexts.

Multicultural Center Library
The Multicultural Center continues gathering resources related to multiculturalism and diversity. For faculty, the Multicultural Library includes resources related to multiculturalism in the curriculum, teaching cultural competence and topics related to diversity in the classroom. For students and staff, the Multicultural Library includes literature produced by Georgia State University faculty related to multiculturalism and diversity and a variety of resources written by, for and about African American, Hispanic and Latino, Asian-Pacific American, Muslim American, Arab American, Native American or American Indian and LGBTQIQA communities and topics.

Reserve The Multicultural Center
The Multicultural Center has a front area and three conference rooms available to the Georgia State University community upon request Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5:15 p.m. for solo or group study sessions, gatherings and student organization meetings.

A Resource for Students
Students can stop by the Multicultural Center for updates of cultural events around campus. The Multicultural Center provides great volunteer opportunities and is always looking for students’ support. The Multicultural Center provides the funding and advising to student groups.