Programs and Events

The Gender and Sexuality Center hosts many educational programs and events throughout the academic year focused on queer and LGBTQIQA identities. Conversations of empowerment, acceptance, challenges and support are incorporated in all programs and events. These events also feature collaborations with other departments, faculty and staff to promote personal growth, knowledge and academic support for all LGBTQIQA and varying gender students. For more information contact William Britto, student affairs advisor for education, gender and sexuality .

Book Club for Queer Literature
A once-a-semester discussion for students, faculty and staff interested in publications and literature written by queer or LGBTQIQA authors. A publication is chosen at the beginning of each semester with the discussion happening throughout the semester.

Queer De-stress Fest
In collaboration with the Counseling and Testing Center, this series focuses on factors that may contribute to stress, anxiety and other issues within LGBTQIQA and varying gender communities, including intersecting identities. Tools and resources are provided to students that help them navigate their educational journeys.
Community Connections (C2)Mentoring Initiative
Serving as one of three tracks under the Community Connections (C2) Initiative, the LGBTQIQA track focuses on personal, academic and career success and provides mentors who identify with the LGBTQIQA and varying gender community.
Misrepresentation of Me
Focuses on ways in which various identities are misrepresented in media, literature, film, family and other social networks as well as solutions to combat harm that may come from these misrepresentations.
My Body Does What?
Focuses on informative and intentional ways LGBTQIQA and varying gender individuals can learn to develop intimacy in various relationships as well as best practices to ensure health and wellness.
Eating Out!
Invites a select group of LGBTQIQA and varying gender students each month to engage in conversation and to network with LGBTQIQA leaders in the community on career opportunities, positive life choices and how to embrace their identity professionally.
Transgender Women of Color Dialogues
In conjunction with Black Student Achievement this series invites transgender women of color to discuss their experience in the world and other challenges they face in a safe space.