Cultural Conversations

These discussions will address contemporary issues affecting societal needs while drawing connections between multiculturalism, diversity and everyday events and experiences that range from the personal (i.e., campus events) to the national global. The formats for discussion forums will vary from small lunch time gatherings to larger campus wide events.

Pop Talks
Pop in each Wednesday at noon for the Multicultural Center’s weekly discussions about pop culture, national/global news, trigger-warning topics and/or anything related to diversity and inclusion. This peer-facilitated dialogue series provides a safe space to engage in critical thinking, explore diverse identities, and examine privilege and understand systematic oppression.  Just bring your topics and a willingness to think critically about the world! Visit our Programming page to join Pop Talks each week!

Storytellers: A Social Justice Speaker Series
“Storytellers” is a cultural conversation series that has a focus of education and social justice awareness. This intimate conversation invites key social justice community leaders to discuss a range of topics including their work, ambitions, and personal lives with a moderator. “Storytellers” allows for participants to engage with and learn the perspectives of social justice community leaders.

Talk Tuesday
Talk Tuesday is a virtual series of workshop conversations that provides a forum that amplifies the voices of marginalized and/or underrepresented communities around various topics centered around intersectionality and social justice. Learn more about Talk Tuesday here!

A Seat at the Table
A Seat at the Table: Social Justice Dine & Dialogue Series is centered around 6 social justice leaders and their legacy as a servant leader and social justice advocate. Attendees will engage in critical conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion and reflect on their own identity, intersectionality, and capacity to make an impact. Through these dining experiences we offer students a space to learn, lead and reflect on the legacy that they wish to leave. These events will also acknowledge individuals and organizations that are committed to social justice issues by awarding them a servant leader award.