Pop Talks: Creating a Space for Tough Conversations

Posted On November 1, 2017
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The Multicultural Center upholds inclusion and promoting equitable learning environments through its many programs. One particular program provides an especially welcoming and visible platform for students to communicate and share their beliefs, Pop Talks. As this nation has become increasingly polarized, the possibility of fostering a healthy dialogue seems to be ever-shrinking. Fortunately, during lunchtime each Wednesday Georgia State University students can pop in the Multicultural Center to eat Pop Tarts and discuss pop culture and current events.

“Pop-Talks creates a space that is readily seen on campus. It fosters a space in which the popular narratives can be challenged and people to try to come up with solutions to the various problems that plague our society.”
– Dontay Wimberly ’20.

Each week, the topic for Pop Talks changes and can range from discussions of mental health to social systems to recent political happenings. The program allows students from a variety of backgrounds to come in and share their perspectives based on their identities and upbringings. The topics discussed can incite passionate responses from many people. One of the most important aspects of the program is for students to gain compassion for each other’s experiences and achieve a more intimate understanding of the impacts of the topics they discuss. Through this collaboration of ideas, students can better appreciate each other’s beliefs and work together to nurture a collective empathy and strategic solutions.