Pop Talks are Back!

Posted On June 6, 2017
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The Multicultural Center is well known for it’s diverse programs and a fun environment. The Multicultural Center supports students aligning their purpose with personal and academic goals by building a culture that fosters multicultural competence, diverse learning environments, and community building. One of the ways in which we support students is through our Pop Talks, which is a weekly pop culture discussion program. Students are allowed to come in and express the ideals and beliefs that have influenced their lives and those of others. The Multicultural Center creates a safe space for growth, innovative ideas, identity and networking.

The Multicultural Center is excited about the start-up of our weekly Pop Talks, which return in June of 2017. Pop Talks is a program that focuses on discussion and opinions of attendees. Students are encouraged to choose a topic or issue that is relevant in pop culture or current events. Students can then bring this topic for discussion during the program, or suggest this topic as a theme for a future Pop Talks.

During these discussions, the possibilities for topic are unlimited. There are many opinions, ideas, and perspectives that students share which allows the space to become more intimate as well as tense. The ideas, cultures, and identities of our students make room for growth. It is important to note that in light of the intense discussion, the Multicultural Center prides itself on creating a fun and safe space for all ideas and experiences.

The Multicultural Center encourages students to stop by for Pop Talks and enjoy free Pop Tarts this June, Student Center East, Suite 206. Meeting new people, learning new perspectives and challenging ideas is a recipe for finding one’s true identity.