Linking Library Resources to Lived Experiences

Posted On July 26, 2016
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The Multicultural Center is dedicated to delivering innovative student experiences to promote learning and success. In order to promote equitable learning environments and access to information and resources, the Multicultural Center library provides the opportunity for students, staff and faculty to check out resources specifically related to multiculturalism, diversity, social justice and identity. One of the first students to utilize the library was Yema Thomas, who checked out Privilege, Power, and Difference by Allan G. Johnson.

It has been very helpful to have the library as an alternative resource for doing research on campus!

~ Yema Thomas

Not only does the Multicultural Center serve as a resource for students, but it also strengthens programs and expands the reach of faculty. Faculty books and comics that are featured in faculty book discussions and Revolutionary Image discussions hosted in the Multicultural Center are available for checkout in the Multicultural Center library. Additionally, faculty can reserve books, articles and videos from the library that can be accessed by students. These are great ways to facilitate learning and discussion outside the classroom!

The Multicultural Center library offers a variety of resources across mediums and disciplines. With over 500 resources, there is something for everyone in the library. Are you a part of the leadership of a student organization looking for help with a multicultural program? The Multicultural Center library as 31 resources related to diversity trainings and even a few games and activities. Have you attended a Heritage Month celebration and want to learn more? The library is organized so users can easily browse for books by subject area, including Latino and Latina, Gender and Sexuality, Native American and Indigenous People, African American and Asian American resources. Interested in learning about faculty research on multicultural, diversity and social justice topics? Books and publications featured in our faculty book discussions are available in the Multicultural Center library. The library even includes a few graphic novels and comic books!

When asked about the value of the Multicultural Center library, Dr. Darryl Holloman, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students commented,

It is with great pleasure to witness the opening of the new library for the multicultural center. Such a resource will allow for a substantive theory to practice model that will help to enhance the experiences of our students at Georgia State University.

~ Dr. Darryl Holloman

Students and staff can regularly be found exploring the many resources available in the Multicultural Center library. The Multicultural Center staff encourages you to come and visit the library or check out the website for our monthly book or resource feature starting in September 2016! Panther IDs are required to check out resources from the Multicultural Center library.