Creating a Culture of Care One Reservation at a Time!

Posted On February 23, 2016
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As a department within the Division of Student Affairs, the Multicultural Center seeks to create a sense of belonging within the university environment and motivation toward persistence and academic success. People often think of programs, academic and career services or outreach efforts as the only ways of providing an environment of caring and success. The Multicultural Center, however, demonstrates a commitment to creating a culture of care by offering physical access to our lounge, library and conference rooms.

The lounge houses a phone charging station and can be used for events, meetings, informal discussion or just a place to eat. You can sit and look through multicultural resources in our library which are available for check out at the front desk. The three conference rooms provide a quiet space for meetings and other student needs. Two of the conference rooms even include large digital display screens and keyboards.

During the fall semester, individual students, groups of students and student organization made 230 room reservations in the Multicultural Center totaling more than 363 hours of meeting, studying, connecting and belonging! For the first time in the two year history of the Multicultural Center, there was at least one room reservation every day that the center was open.

Maggie Castellanos, a senior majoring in psychology, stops by the center several times a week. Maggie was asked about the impact of room reservations on her academic success.

I reserve a study room which offers me a cool, quiet and private environment to study. The study room allows me to focus on my schoolwork without any distractions, so I can get done what is necessary. The Multicultural Center provides me with the space I need to accomplish my goals and reach towards my dream career.

– Maggie

The Multicultural Center encourages you to utilize the study rooms as you matriculate through the university. You can stop by to reserve a room or download the room reservation form from the website. The study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. In addition to visiting the Multicultural Center in Student Center East, Suite 206, you can call at 404-413-1584 or email to learn more about the center.