Understanding Inclusion with the Multicultural Center Library

The Multicultural Center’s library is a hidden gem on campus just waiting for students, staff and faculty to become patrons! This space is warm, inviting and filled to the brim with hundreds of books available for the campus community to check-out. These books have a concentration on inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism—subjects in which students, faculty and staff are welcome to dive deep into.

As one of the newest additions to the Multicultural Center, the library furthers Georgia State’s initiative to be recognized nationally for their approach to leadership in inclusion. While it is quick for anyone with a PantherCard to check out a book from the Library, it is also a perfect place to get comfortable with a thought-provoking read. more>>

Interested in being a University Assistant through the Honors College?

The Multicultural Center is looking to hire Honors College students participating in the University Assistantship Program (UAP).

Selected students will work closely with Multicultural Center professional staff, providing an opportunity for students to complete special projects in diversity and multicultural competence.

Special projects include focus group leading, assisting with the C2 program, research based initiatives in identity and multicultural competence, assisting the Multicultural Competence and Peer Education course and much more!

If you are interested in applying, please email LaToya Harden

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