Safe Zone

Safe Zone

This dynamic, interactive workshop is designed to develop, enhance and maintain culturally competent and supportive environments on Georgia State University’s campus for GSM (Gender & Sexuality Minority) individuals, as well as heterosexual, cisgender and other people who care about diversity, equality and inclusion. Additionally, Safe Zone establishes an identifiable network of individuals who can provide support, information and a safe place for GSM persons within the campus community. Those who have committed to being Safe Zone allies indicate that bigotry and discrimination, specifically pertaining to members of the GSM community, are not tolerated. Safe Zone presentations can be adapted to meet the particular needs of classes, organizations or campus entities.

Safe Zone Learning Goals:

  1. Identify and comprehend core terminology of GSM and their intersecting identities.
  2. Identify multiple ways of successful ally-ship for intersecting identities of GSM.
  3. Identify how gender and sexuality are socially constructed and proper techniques for abolishing identified social constructs.
  4. Identify oppression experienced by intersecting identities of GSM, solutions, and their effects on mental health and quality of life.
  5. Identify mental health issues experienced by GSM and resources available to combat these issues.

To sign up for a Safe Zone Training, please visit the following links:

Safe Zone Workshop Sign Up- Students

Safe Zone Workshop Sign Up- Faculty/Staff

For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Will Britto, senior student development specialist for multicultural education and competence.