Workshops & Class Presentations

A wide range of workshop presentations focusing on in-depth exploration of multicultural and diversity related topics can be adapted to particular needs of faculty and courses. For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Will Britto, senior student development specialist for multicultural education and competence.

Sample Topic Presentations:
Build Your Perfect Community
In this workshop, participants are broken into small groups and are instructed to build their perfect community. However, not all things are equal in this quest to build a perfect community. Through this community building exercise, visible and invisible inequities and injustices in the American social system are brought to life. Issues of race and class are explored.
Audience risk level: Medium to high
Time needed: Two hours

Circles of Privilege or Privilege Walk
This workshop introduces the concept of privilege and how privilege manifests itself within society. The workshop allows participants to develop a greater understanding of the concept of privilege, the power dynamics associated with privilege and the ways privilege effects individuals in their daily activities.
Audience risk level: Low to medium
Time needed: One hour

Diversity 101
This workshop serves as a basic introduction to issues of diversity. Through a game show format, the presentation explores basic diversity terminology and concepts.
Audience risk level: Low
Time needed: One hour

Off the Wall
This workshop explores the prevalent use of stereotypes in daily conversations and activities and how these stereotypes influence individuals on an ongoing basis. In addition, the workshop provides participants with opportunities to begin learning how to identify and counteract stereotypes embedded in all facets of current social systems.
Audience risk level: Medium
Time needed: One hour

Web of Oppression
This workshop is designed to illustrate the systemic nature of oppression against particular social identity groups and of the consequent privilege for others. Additionally, this activity can be used to illustrate the consequences and impact of being an ally. Materials involve a literal web of rope and cards with instances of oppression written on them.
Audience risk level: Low to medium
Time needed: One hour