Workshops & Class Presentations

For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Will Britto, senior student development specialist for multicultural education and competence.

Workshops & Class Presentations
A wide range of workshop presentations focusing on in-depth exploration of multicultural and diversity related topics can be adapted to particular needs of faculty and courses. For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact William Britto, Senior Student Development Specialist for Multicultural Education & Competence.
Topic Presentations:

Cultural Competence Focus Group:
Cultural competence and identity affirmation are highly integral for the success of our students at Georgia State. The Multicultural Center MAP Ambassadors are dedicated peer facilitators who will conduct small anonymous focus groups with your students to assess how to improve the cultural competence of your class and/or department. All feedback will be given with an explanation of answers by Multicultural Center professional staff to the respective faculty/staff member requesting the focus group.

The Game of Oppression
This workshop allows participants broken into two groups, observers and participants. The object is to reach “enlightenment,” however the path will not be easy. Through this community building exercise, visible and invisible inequities and injustices in the American social system are brought to life. Issues of race and class are explored. Must have a minimum of 10 participants, maximum of 20.
Audience risk level: Medium to high
Time needed: Three hours

Cross the Line
This activity that helps participants understand the effects of prejudice, ridicule, teasing and bullying and how it impacts individual growth. The goal of this activity is to help identify and eliminate the barriers between people that perpetuate acts of unkindness due to lack of cultural understanding.
Audience risk level: Low to medium
Time needed: One hour

Diversity 101
This workshop serves as a basic introduction to issues of diversity. Through a game show format, the presentation explores basic diversity terminology and concepts.
Audience risk level: Low
Time needed: One hour

Off the Wall
This workshop explores the prevalent use of stereotypes in daily conversations and activities and how these stereotypes influence individuals on an ongoing basis. In addition, the workshop provides participants with opportunities to begin learning how to identify and counteract stereotypes embedded in all facets of current social systems.
Audience risk level: Medium
Time needed: One hour

Bias & the Bystander
This workshop provides an overview of bystander intervention and ways to respond to bias incidents on campus for faculty/staff and students.
Audience risk level: Low
Time Needed: One Hour