Gender as Culture

Posted On March 2, 2017
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The Multicultural Center is the place for both traditional and non-traditional notions of multiculturalism. The Multicultural Center supports, discusses and celebrate the widely-varied ethnic cultures represented by the Georgia State University student body. However, the Multicultural Center doesn’t stop there. The Multicultural Center expands its programs and services into the realms gender, sexuality, ability and… more »

Diversity in Literature

Posted On February 2, 2017
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Understanding the various cultures through literature, discussion and group learning is pertinent to maintaining the diversity on which Georgia State prides itself. There are many pieces of art that tell the stories of America’s past, highlighting both the dark and bright, all of which helps us as a community to learn, understand and adapt various… more »

Student Spotlight: Ari Jones

Posted On January 2, 2017
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It was a cold evening in February 2016 and the Multicultural Center was full of energy as it was preparing the office as a free site for HIV testing. A very tall student in red scrubs was directing the layout of the room. Since he is passionate about medicine, he recommended that the Multicultural Center… more »

Inspiring Social Justice in Student Leaders

Posted On October 6, 2016
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Walking through Georgia State University’s campus provides a glimpse of the diverse student body that makes Georgia State University and Atlanta a true international and multicultural hotspot. At every level, Georgia State University is formulating ambitious strategic goals that respond to the changing world. Whether the university is increasing the variety of student workshops on diversity at… more »

Engaging Contemporary Issues and Student Activism

Posted On August 30, 2016
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Student protests and student leadership in broader activist organizations (such as #BlackLivesMatter or the global climate movement) are gaining greater public attention in recent years. Angus Johnston, history professor at the City University of New York, found that more than 160 student protests took place in the United States during the fall 2014 semestermore »

Linking Library Resources to Lived Experiences

Posted On July 26, 2016
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The Multicultural Center is dedicated to delivering innovative student experiences to promote learning and success. In order to promote equitable learning environments and access to information and resources, the Multicultural Center library provides the opportunity for students, staff and faculty to check out resources specifically related to multiculturalism, diversity, social justice and identity. One of… more »

Class Dismissed!

Posted On April 29, 2016
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Georgia State University has become a leading model of academic success for diverse populations as it has grown in both size and distinction. The university offers a multitude of programs and services to undergraduate and graduate students as they progress through their academic careers, and the Multicultural Center is proud to support the broader goals… more »