Black History Month Recap

The Multicultural Center is proud to promote a culture of care for all students by honoring and participating in several Heritage Month celebrations throughout the year, including Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBT History Month, American Indian Heritage Month, Women’s History Month and Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. In celebration of Black History Month, which takes place in February, the Multicultural Center hosted and supported several programs, including the Friends of Black Student Achievement, the Multicultural Center reception and Black History Live!, a visual time capsule of the Black Panther and Black Power movements. These programs and other events included discussions about the black community and experience, and the combination of art, culture…more>>
Recap of Black History Month

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Sinclair Johnson

Sinclaire is an African-American journalism major with a concentration in public relations. Her dream is to operate her own boutique public relations firm, with a focus on entertainment based companies, nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Currently, she holds an executive position in several Georgia State student organizations such as Softer Touch, Colleges Against Cancer, NAACP and College Girls Rock. …more
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