Class Dismissed!

Georgia State University has become a leading model of academic success for diverse populations as it has grown in both size and distinction. The university offers a multitude of programs and services to undergraduate and graduate students as they progress through their academic careers, and the Multicultural Center is proud to support the broader goals of promoting advocacy and success for all students.

As the end of the academic year approaches, so does graduation for many students! The Multicultural Center recognized this milestone by hosting a celebration for graduating seniors. The Class Dismissed Senior Celebration was coordinated by the center’s intern, Lo Denmon, a first year…more>>

Class Dismissed!

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Sinclair Johnson

Sinclaire is an African-American journalism major with a concentration in public relations. Her dream is to operate her own boutique public relations firm, with a focus on entertainment based companies, nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Currently, she holds an executive position in several Georgia State student organizations such as Softer Touch, Colleges Against Cancer, NAACP and College Girls Rock. …more
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